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Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG

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Joh. Friedrich Behrens is a leading manufacturer of fastening systems consisting of pneumatic tools, gas operated tools and collated fasteners.

Established in 1910, J.F. Behrens manufactures BeA and KMR brand products “Made in Germany” at its locations near Hamburg.
A number of facilities, daughter companies, joint-ventures and agencies in more than 80 countries make BeA and KMR two truly international companies with staff exceeding 600. Among others BeA and KMR supply the following industries: furniture, automotive, construction & house building, packaging and to craftsmen.

BeA and KMR are best known for highest standards of quality, innovations, excellent service and always being close to their customers.

Бүтээгдэхүүнүүд ба үйлчилгээнүүд

BeA offers a complete range of pneumatic staplers, nailers, gas operated tools and its fasteners.

This means collated staples, brads, pins, strip-nails, wire-welded coil nails and concrete nails.

BeA Automated Fastening Systems offers a comprehensive line of products, systems and solutions - customized to your manufacturing requirements.

BeA Skater

BeA Skater

The easy to operate, flexible and low cost system for semi automatic stapling. The BeA Skater guarantees precise distances between all staples, all placed at the same angle.

BeA Pneumatic Stapler

BeA Pneumatic Stapler

BeA Gas Operated Tools

BeA Gas Operated Tools

Мэдээ, шинэ санаа

BeA Skater: semi automatic tool for wall-panel applications 

Consistent results without the cost of a fully automated line. Accomplished with BeA's feature filled Skater tools. Semi automated solution for wall-panel applications The BeA Skater tool allows fasteners to be driven consistently and accurately in to all wall-panels, shed constructions and furt...| » Нэмж унших зүйлс 

Industrial grade screw guns with perfect depth setting and the largest magazine capacity available in the market 

 KMR Germany is the only worldwide producer of hand held screw guns for collated screws up to a length of 80mm and up to 5mm in diameter.  A vast range of collated KMR screws are available for many different applications.  Only KMR screw guns come with a "Bit and Screw...| » Нэмж унших зүйлс 

BeA / KMR gas-operated nailers fire into concrete, steel or timber 

BeA and KMR gas nailers are tough work horses built for difficult work environments. Our gas nailer tools work independently from compressed air. Using fuel cells as a power source you can virtually work anywhere! In combination with our BeA/KMR fuel cells our gas nailers can operate in very ...| » Нэмж унших зүйлс 

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Joh. Friedrich Behrens AG
Bogenstr. 43–45
22926 Ahrensburg

Утас: +49 410 2780
Факс: +49 410 278250

Thomas Lill
Director International Sales
Утас: +49 4102 78280

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